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SET SALE: Delicious LPs for you to sink your teeth into (please don't bite the records)

Kanye West

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Most records are VG+ to NM and if you pick one that isn't, I'll let you know. If you get multiple records I'm likely to cut you a deal. As you can see from my trade feedback I'm easy to work with so PM me! Shipping in the USA is $5, international varies.


First 3 people to spend $45 or more (before shipping) will get an LP thrown into the mix. It will be of my choosing, it will be from my collection, it may be sealed, and it will be from 1990 or later so no old garbage Christmas records or anything like that. A little game of chance, you never know what you’re gonna get




Vasudeva – Life in Cycles (splatter) - OFFER

Beware of Safety - Leaves/Scars (/100 tour press) - OFFER

Shlohmo - Shlohmotion Deluxe - OFFER

Baths - Cerulean (Blue) - OFFER

We Need Secrets - Melancholy and the Archive (Glitter /50) - OFFER


Dylan Carlson – Gold (Blue /100, sealed) – 35

De La Soul – 3 Ft High and Rising (Pink/Yellow UO, sealed but torn shrink) – 27

Damien Jurado – Where Shall You Take Me? (Original press, slight surface noise at times but it might just be the pressing) - 25

Minsk - The Ritual Fires of Abandonment (Red/orange swirl) - 21

Black Lips - We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow (Purple translucent) - 20

Sebadoh - The Sebadoh - 20

Will Smith - Big Willie Style (Corner Cut) - 19

Streetlight Manifesto – Everything Goes Numb (Black) – 18

Lavinia – There Is Light Between Us (Silver) - 18

Kayo Dot – Blue Lambency Downward (green) -17

Donovan Blanc – Donovan Blanc (Lavender /200) – 17

Pennywise – Land of the Free? – 17

Adrift - Black Heart Bleeds Black (Blue) - 15

Schematic – Color Inside The Lines (Red) – 15

Desert Noises – 27 Ways – 15

Wooden Shjips – Back to Land (pink) – 15

Vitalic – Rave Age - 15

NK - Nothing To Be Gained Here (Clear Blue) - 14

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Chronicles Chapter 2 - 13

Beware of Safety - It Is Curtains (Red/black haze) - 13

Cayucas - Bigfoot - 11

The Killers - Spaceman picture disk - 9


Thanks ya'll

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