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Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

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Anyone into or have a few Skatedecks? I started collecting band decks and now im back into actually skating so im trying to find some decks that i use to have and some historical decks from well known Pro's 


Here's a couple of pics of what i have 


Rodney Mullen Almost - Signed Decks

- Superman DC Crossover 

- Darkseid DC Crossover

- Mullen Impact

- Lance Mountain Mutt




Some band Skateys

- Northlane 60/60 Series - The Calling /60

- Pennywise Yesterdays /100

- Dead Letter Circue - The Catalyst Fire /100 

- Metallica - Pushead - Fixxxer





The Amity Affliction Decks

- Let the Ocean Take Me Aus Release /100

- Chasing Ghosts /100

- Ahren Stringer DIY #2 - /100

- Joel Birch DIY #1 - /100




And a new Amity One - Part 1 of 3 - Lost and Fading 




I have my First Ever Pro Deck that i purchased mid 2000's on the way as well - XEN - Anthony Mapstone Pro Model.....Pretty stoked to have picked it up again.....also signed


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Great collection! I always wanted a Mullen deck as a kid but none of the local stores ever had them.


I wanted to get into band decks, but quickly realized it's too expensive to be viable. Here's what I have:


AFI - Art of Drowning promo deck



AFI - Decemberunderground promo deck



TAT - Vans Warped Tour (blank deck custom drawn and signed by the band members)



And here are the few I still have lying around from a decade or so ago when I was still riding.


World Industries



Zero (Jamie Thomas)





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Oh man, I wish I could collect decks AND records. Haha. Records make my wallet hurt enough. I would love to get that Black Label pointed punk crusier to skate and to hang, but no luck finding it in the bigger size. That and some of the old Valley decks (on his own label). I use to have the lightning bolt one and LOVED it.



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I always liked the idea of collecting and maybe having a board wall of my own, but as someone who skates it's hard to buy a deck to tear up after a week and have something for my wall too. Hopefully one day I'll have a few of my favorite graphics on my wall. I have a few under my bed, but they are skated. One being this signed Jereme Rogers Girl deck from 2006 when he came to town.



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Cool collections, Building a house at the moment so cant wait to get em all up on walls............For those who asked the Band Skateboards mainly came from 24Hundred/UNFD - They seem to put a deck out for most new release albums by bands........The Mullen ones were off Decomposed Skateboards which sells some signed decks. 


I was going to start Running to keep fit but got hell bored withit, Got back into skating and found that cardio enough..............Still don't know how i use to do it from sunrise to sunset on a daily basis.

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I wish I had something to add to this thread, Im 25 and skateboarding is still a huge part of my life.

I worked at West49 for a number of years in my youth, never been a collector, but I still skate (terribly)


A good friend of mine used to own this company, I dont know much about the owners or anything anymore,

but the designs are cool.



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Loving this thread. I'll try to post my collection soon. For anyone who wants to get their instagram accounts clogged up with some wild skateboard collections, I highly reccommend:








Some rippas in those accounts....... skateboardcollectors is pretty amazing as well

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I've only got two cruisers left. I did have a bunch of creature decks.

One is a Duane peters black

Label deck. 9" indys, bones reds and spitfire 60mm classics.

The other is a mates skate store generic deck. 7 3/4 wide and the concave is similar to the creature decks I owned. The stores generic trucks, generic ceramic bearings and zsmooth 63mm soft wheels. The ceramics are dangerously quick


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