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intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

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Pretty self explanatory but here is the video for you who are too lazy to go to the link and watch it ;)





/1 - HOWWEMAKEMISTAKES - This Time Last Night 7"
/2 - Control - Live Together, Die Alone 7"
/3 - Why Bother? - Still Not That Great 10"
/4 - KEYES - Wandermere 10"
/5 - Nomads - Sunset on the Range / Walking By Lamplight 7"
/6 - Ghost Parade - Foundation
/7 - Hidden Hospitals - Controlled Chaos / CC VL RMX 7"
/8 - NGHBRS - Golden Age / Small Talk 7"
/9 - The Black and The White - Futures EP 12"
/10 - Happy Body Slow Brain - Live EP 12"
/11 - Squid the Whale - new war. 7"
/12 - Receiving End of Sirens - Weightless Underwater 7"

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I was also hoping for an Athletics repress but this is a super cool idea. How awesome would it be to have the complete set? Not sure if it's worth the money but at least you could save on shipping. I'm sure he would combine all your orders at the end. I've only heard of about half of the bands so I'm excited to check the rest out. howwemakemistakes is the lead singer of Athletics so that's exciting.

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Maybe I'm slow; but they are releasing 1 then 2 then 3 etc copies of all those for each of the 12 days (aka eventually 78 copies of each release)? Or one band at a time; so that one of those releases will only have 1 copy available, only on the first day...up to one of the releases having 12 available on the 12th day?


If that even makes sense

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Really glad the ones I like are near the end....one in twelve sounds at least a little easier than getting a record that is 1/1.


and like the video says...watch out for the butt hurt....people already thinking there is 72 copies of these records for some reason?!  day one /1 day two /2......the most there is of any of these is 12!

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