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I saw a couple people post in other threads asking what we were planning so I figured that i'd start something to make it easier/more visible for people. Here is what we're planning:


All weekend long starting Friday morning at 12:01 AM EST until Monday night at 11:59 PM EST we'll have a 20% off sale on everything except OOP records that we'll be adding. Just use the code DEEPDARKNESS when you go to check out. We'll also be doing a sale on our bandcamp page with the same code for 50% off all albums digitally (Friday morning at 12:01 AM GMT until Monday night at 11:59 PM GMT).





We are going to be adding a bunch of OOP records to the store. Instead of making you wonder what they are and search, below is a list. We've also added all of these variants to the store already under the appropriate release so you can opt to be notified when they are activated instead of wondering when it'll happen. Quantities on each are limited and some are as few as two and while a couple are as many as 15.


LITE "Installation" 180g Black
Prawn "Kingfisher" Aqua Blue, Clear w/ Blue and Orange Splatter, 180g Black
You Blew It! "You Blue It" Half and Half, Blue, AsideBside w/ Splatter, Half and Hald w/ Splatter
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) "You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" 180g Black, Bone, Silver, Milky Clear w/ Blue/Pink/Yellow Splatter, Clear and Blue Color In Color
Braid "No Coast" Orange Halves, Blue w/ White Splatter, Blue, Electric Blue w/ Black Haze
Frameworks "Loom" Gray with White and Black splatter, Cream, 180gram Black, Translucent Purple
Nai Harvest "Hold Open My Head" Blue w/ Red, Blue w/ Yellow
You Blew It! "Keep Doing What You're Doing" Coke Bottle Clear, Yellow
Prawn / Joie de Vivre "Split" Red, Brown, Silver
Crash Of Rhinos "Knots"  Black/White AsideBside, Black
Enemies "Embark, Embrace"  Clear, Translucent Gold, Translucent Red
Toe "For Long Tomorrow"  Half Blue / Half Cream, Rust, Cream, Olive
Toe "Ideas, Songs We Forgot"  Clear w/ Purple Splatter, White, Green, Blue
Toe "The Book…" Clear with Black Smoke, Green, Blue, Gray
TWIABP "Whenever, If Ever" Clearwater Green, White w/ Green Swirl, Clear w/ Blue and Green Splatter
Have Mercy "The Earth Pushed Back"  180 Gram Black, White, Clear w/ Black Smoke
A Great Big Pile of Leaves "You're Always On My Mind"  Clear w/ Yellow and Red Splatter, Oxblood, Mint
Into It. Over It. "Life Is Suffering"  Half White / Half Black, White, Black
The Saddest Landscape "Exit Wounded" Red / White / Black Tri color
Diamond Youth "Orange"  Clear with Orange Splatter, Translucent Orange, Creamsicle, Green
You Blew It! "The Past In Present" Cream, Red, Blue
Tigers Jaw / Self Defense Family / TWIABP / Code Orange Kids "4-way Split" Clear, Translucent Gold w/ Red Swirl, Rose, Peach, Pink
Pianos Become the Teeth / Touche Amore "Split" Clear, Beer, Electric Blue / Gold split
The Saddest Landscape "Redefining Loneliness"  Translucent Red, Translucent Gold
Fake Problems / You Blew It! "Florida Doesn't Suck" Baby Pink, Coke Bottle Green with Pink SplatterTSR068: Toe "The Future Is Now"  Pink, Teal, Black
We Were Skeletons "Blame and Aging" Fire w/ Black splatter, Clear with White smoke
Prawn "Ships"  Gray, Navy Blue, Beige, Clear w/ White Smoke, Clear, White
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!  "Don't Take Our Filth Away" Clear w/ Black Splatter, White and Purple Marble, Light Blue Marble
Sirs "S/T" Maroon, Off White
Suis La Lune "Riala"  Black and Pink Halves
Moving Mountains "Foreword" Orange, Silver
Code Orange Kids / Full Of Hell "Split"  Yellow, Blue and White Marble, Clear with White Smoke, Green
The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" Pink/Black Pinwheel, Clear/Blue Halves, Wine, Black 180g, Clear/Trans Red Halves
Prawn  "You Can Just Leave It All"  Green
Pianos Become The Teeth "The Lack Long After"  White, Navy Blue, Black, Beige
A Great Big Pile of Leaves "Live From The Living Room" Black, Translucent Blue
A Great Big Pile of Leaves "Boom"  Translucent Red, Cream, Translucent Blue
Native "Wrestling Moves"  Clear / Orange splatter, Maroon, Black, Translucent Red w/ Black Swirl, Clear w/ Black Swirl
Caravels / Gifts From Enola "Split"  Dark Green Opaque, Clear, Coke Bottle Clear, White
TWIABPAIANLATD / Deer Leap "Are Here To Help"  Mint Green, White, Translucent Gold, Black
Chamberlain "Moon My Saddle" Pink Marble, White, Trans Gold
Into It. Over It. "Twelve Towns"  Cream, Clear
Pianos Become The Teeth / The Saddest Landscape "Split"  Translucent Blue with Red splatter, Half Solid Blue / Half Translucent Blue
We Were Skeletons / The Saddest Landscape "Split" Pink, Opaque Green w/ Black, Glow In The Dark w/ Black
TWIABPAIANLATD  "Josh Is Dead"  Dark Red, Green
By Surprise "Mountain Smashers"  Smoke, Black
We Were Skeletons / MNWA "Split" Brown
Coping / The Clippers "Split"  White, Black, Green
My Heart To Joy "Reasons To Be" White,  Black
TWIABPAIANLATD "Formlessness" White, Black, Gold, Gray
The Clippers "An Evening With..." Yellow / Orange Split Halves, White, Green w/ Black Smoke
Grown Ups "More Songs"  Clear Gold, Off White, Coke Bottle Clear
Everyone Everywhere / Into It. Over It. "Split EP" Black, Clear, White
Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride"  Yellow, Pink, Gray



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You should leave me feedback for those records I sold you :)


And save me this record until I have money, because I have all the rarest YBI! variants except that one.


And that wasn't meant to sound rude, haha.

IM A DUFUS ill leave some afte work when I can research the topic haha and pm me dude!

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going for that after the lights pinwheel, gold/blue split touche/pianos split, coping/clippers, potentially a rarer variant of the TWIABP/deer leap split.

really wish i didn't go for the stuff from the "damaged" sale, would have gotten the rare variants of pianos now. oh well

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