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1st Annual VC "One Record: One Cause" Charity Drive

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Here's the idea, it's Black Friday and a lot of us are/have been stocking up on new releases and hot deals. What if we made a pledge to not buy one record and instead give that money to charity?


How it works


From now until Christmas Eve, we each pledge $20 to a charity of the board's choosing. If you wish to participate, post in this thread that you pledge to donate $20 on Christmas Eve.


Which charity?


We nominate charities for the donations to go to. Whichever one gets the most support in the thread gets the donations we pledged to... pledge.


How will we know the money is going to the charity?


Most charities accept Paypal, so on December 24th we'll be flooding that charity with our donations and the message that they're from the kind folks at Vinyl Collective. We can then post screenshots of our donations as proof if required.


How can I get involved?


Make a pledge similar to the one I will post below. If you see a charity and want to vote for it, say so. If you want propose one that hasn't been already, say so in your pledge. Give a brief synopsis of the charity and why we should select it.


What if we pledge to one cause but want to support another?


Edit your posts and support up to 3 other charities, they will be tabulated into the final selection.





My Pledge:

I, raidenradio, pledge to donate $20 to VinylCollective's One Record: One Cause.


I nominate Child's Play (www.childsplaycharity.org). Child's play provides games, toys, books, and other resources to children in hospitals and domestic abuse shelters.



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In all honesty, dropping this on Black Friday was a bad idea.  Even with all the moaning and complaining the vast majority of us were after at least one record.  And the brutal truth of it is that this board is built around consumerism.... suggesting abstinence is probably not the way to go.


I'm not normally cynical of such things, I just feel like you are owed an explanation because it IS a very cool idea.  Hopefully it will gain some momentum as we approach Christmas.

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get off your high horse you prick.  you dont know what we do with our time off this board, dont assume just because we dont want to participate in some unorganized, undefined charity drive that we dont give elsewhere.  


Pretty much. 


There have been two or three charitable threads I have participated in on these forums only in the last year or so. If you want people to participate you are going to need a little bit of a better cause than "Black Friday sucks".

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Yeah... you have to learn to take some constructive criticism raidenradio.



This was vague and unorganized, and like a said before, built on a foundation that just simply doesn't jive with the population of the board.


AND you expected that:

  • we would individually read this thread
  • decide whether or not we wanted to participate
  • research and suggest what charity we wanted to vote for
  • in less than a fucking day??

You posted complaining about the lack of response in less than a day from your OP.


Since you're having a tantrum over this people aren't afraid to call it like they see it.  Also, it was a bad call to suggest that we'll vote on what charity to donate to.  Maybe the popular vote is for a cause I don't stand behind or an organization I don't agree with.  $20 is a lot of money (for most of us) to throw at something we more than likely don't care about.


I was honestly going to throw $20 into this, despite thinking it was a bad idea, because I like seeing people try and be creative when helping people.  If you're just going to yell at people about then fuck that.

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  • in less than a fucking day??


Here's the response 12 hours after I posted the thread:



0 replies


No criticisms, no suggestions, absolutely nothing. You chime in saying Black Friday was a bad time, a bad time for what? To start a month-long discussion? The whole point is to decide on a charity to send money to, as a collective. You're telling me that this is a bad thing?


It blows my fucking mind that you would post this and say, "in less than a day??" How long did it take you to type that out? Probably far less effort than to find a decent charity and propose it here.


But that's the point, when someone asks you to actually do something you can't be bothered. But as soon as I accused the board of being selfish and apathetic, suddenly you have all the time to bluster back at me.


Fucking useless cunts.

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Never change raidenradio


pretty much this my man.  i am one of the 40 viewers and i also donate 300 to 400 dollars a year to different charites.  next time i put up my cystic fibrosis donation thread are you gonna donate?  you haven't the past 3 years. 

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