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I don't mind the look of the sub variant in their pictures, it just doesn't really fit with the cover art. But maybe it'll make more sense with the special cover? I'll be getting that one, but also grabbed a clear with white. I actually like the mock up of the Euro version the best so maybe I'll grab one of those as well tomorrow.


As of now there are around 240ish of each variant available in their shop. So hopefully getting one tomorrow won't be too awful since there are so many options this time.

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3 minutes ago, UpwardHostility said:

Are there a variety of shirts or anything else up for pre-pre-order? Didn’t do Legrand so I’m just waiting till tomorrow. Could use another shirt. 

There are 3 HANL shirts, a new flenser shirt, and a Consumer shirt & LP available. I really like the longsleeve HANL one.

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3 minutes ago, fish said:

Presale should be live now for anyone interested. Plenty of copies of all variants as of now.  https://nowflensing.com/


Euro exclusive version here: https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/pre-order/products/have-a-nice-life-sea-of-worry

Snagged that EU exclusive without hesitation. None of the variants seem to fit the artwork all that well, the EU variant at least fits the title best.

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Flenser alumni bump:


New Boduf Songs album Abyss versions dropping October 4th. He's now on Orindal records but I didn't think it appropriate to make a standalone thread.  I know as musicians go he's really elusive  and I'm sure some of you Flenser heads probably enjoyed Stench Of Exist but may not have heard about the label move or the new one.

First track:

Preorder at: https://bodufsongs.bandcamp.com/ 


Three variants

200  Abyss Black (I assume that's standard not marbled or smokey)

200 Nothingness Clear

100 Blueberry Ice Cream Sundae purple transparent*


*whoever named that variant needs a slap.


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