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Official Flenser Releases Thread - Always Flensing

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It’s fucking beautiful     

Whirr or Nothing without being shithead human beings? I'm in!

All Fours by Bosse-de-Nage. Coming soon. CD by Profound Lore and vinyl by The Flenser. #bosse-de-Nage http://instagram.com/p/ys43rGxqte/

I don't mind the look of the sub variant in their pictures, it just doesn't really fit with the cover art. But maybe it'll make more sense with the special cover? I'll be getting that one, but also grabbed a clear with white. I actually like the mock up of the Euro version the best so maybe I'll grab one of those as well tomorrow.


As of now there are around 240ish of each variant available in their shop. So hopefully getting one tomorrow won't be too awful since there are so many options this time.

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3 minutes ago, UpwardHostility said:

Are there a variety of shirts or anything else up for pre-pre-order? Didn’t do Legrand so I’m just waiting till tomorrow. Could use another shirt. 

There are 3 HANL shirts, a new flenser shirt, and a Consumer shirt & LP available. I really like the longsleeve HANL one.

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3 minutes ago, fish said:

Presale should be live now for anyone interested. Plenty of copies of all variants as of now.  https://nowflensing.com/


Euro exclusive version here: https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/pre-order/products/have-a-nice-life-sea-of-worry

Snagged that EU exclusive without hesitation. None of the variants seem to fit the artwork all that well, the EU variant at least fits the title best.

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Flenser alumni bump:


New Boduf Songs album Abyss versions dropping October 4th. He's now on Orindal records but I didn't think it appropriate to make a standalone thread.  I know as musicians go he's really elusive  and I'm sure some of you Flenser heads probably enjoyed Stench Of Exist but may not have heard about the label move or the new one.

First track:

Preorder at: https://bodufsongs.bandcamp.com/ 


Three variants

200  Abyss Black (I assume that's standard not marbled or smokey)

200 Nothingness Clear

100 Blueberry Ice Cream Sundae purple transparent*


*whoever named that variant needs a slap.


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Been a long time since I've been here it feels like.


Anyways first off  Have A Nice Life's third single/preview track/whatever you wanna call it is up on the old youtube here's a link for you lazy folk:

For any HANL completists or people who didn't find the first batch visually appealing a new variant has also been announced and I feel it's a really nice fit for the art if that floats your boat.


Bone and Black half & half. No numbers posted but available at the usual spots:

US: https://nowflensing.com/collections/pre-orders/products/have-a-nice-life-sea-of-worry-lp

Can't post the UK/EU Throatruiner link cos my work blocks it.


Then some admittedly now old news for the sub followers. Final 7" is another part of the Gentrification series from Street Sects on Kelly green with lyric insert. These two seven inches are the only thing from the sub I'm not over the moon about as I'm not really into Street Sects but I haven't really delved that far into their stuff so that could change I guess.

Outstanding subscription items are all being bundled together for both US customers (EU subs have had things this way for the entirety of the sub so nothing new for me) so that means  an epic mail day where you get

Consumer - In Computers

Drowse & LS Otay - Second Self

Have A Nice Life - Sea Of Worry

Street Sects - Gentrification IV


Sadly that means subs will be getting the Consumer record a lil after its actual physical release but downloads are going out on day of or before release so you'll still have the music just not the physical version.


The label have confirmed there will be a year 2 sub and were opening up the floor for input on what people would like to see improved through the flenser facebook group. Highly recommend any of you fans who haven't to join, theres a lot of shitty memes but they keep you well informed on everything going on.


Notable re-issues scheduled for 2020:


Planning For Burial - Leaving (10th Anniversary edition possibly extended likely with original artwork as Thom found a hi-res version thought lost)

Giles Corey - Giles Corey  

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59 minutes ago, drewberinger said:

Dude just wait till Dracula Bells and Trespassers W

They played both live a few months back in SF and I was thoroughly impressed.  Trespassers W has been around for ages and I’ve loved it even in it’s lo-fi glory.  Can’t wait to hear what they did to it on the album.


Would you say this outranks UW for you?  Based off singles and what I’ve seen live, I’m highly suspecting it will for me.

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