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Official Flenser Releases Thread - Always Flensing

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6 hours ago, phantasmatt said:

I have the OG box as well, but knowing it’s a newly designed gatefold for the s/t... damn I kinda want that art on an LP sleeve 😩

Yeah I just reread the details onthe series 2 subscription n it definitely mentions a gatefold I have no idea which images theyll be using though. Could be the enemies list cd cover, the enemies list ltd edition cover, the first edition box cover or maybe even the pictures from the inner sleeves from the 1st edition just done on card. 


Also side note theyve revealed the b side to hinterkaifeck is an etching of the runes from the cover.

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It’s fucking beautiful     

Whirr or Nothing without being shithead human beings? I'm in!

All Fours by Bosse-de-Nage. Coming soon. CD by Profound Lore and vinyl by The Flenser. #bosse-de-Nage http://instagram.com/p/ys43rGxqte/

Giles presale is up now for Legrand members. So check your mail. I only grabbed the Hinterkaifeck as I have the other box and cdr but am mildly bummed about not being able to get the S/T with screenprinted cover. Just couldn't justify the membership costs this year. But if anyone ever wants to trade either membership Giles items for multiple membership LPs from last year let me know (HANL and W&R are the only ones I couldn't part with).


They had 4 options:


1) black lp

2) grimace purple lp - 250 copies in stock

3) splatter - 200

4) splatter with screenprinted cover - 40

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I didn't go extreme with the sub so I'll be getting the sub version of hinterkaifeck but not the self titled. A little bummed if they are actually doing special versions of re-issues just for the extreme subscription cos I was hoping to snag every variant of the 2020 reissue of leaving n this will preclude that.

I gave up on the legrand society about five years ago after enemies list got to the point where they stopped putting out albums and the flenser started picking up and releasing their catalogue. They never ended up following through on the club t-shirt did they? Last thing I actually got excited about with Legrand was that Perfect Shapes EP which sadly never got a physical release.




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"Hey there,

This is Jonathan, owner of The Flenser. You’re getting this message because you pre-ordered a copy of Giles Corey’s “Hinterkaifeck” vinyl which was intended to ship by mid-May. Unfortunately, this release has been delayed because of freight issues related to the global pandemic. We expect to ship all pre-orders by the end of June.

We work with a number of manufacturers around the world to make our clothing, records, and CD’s. The plant making the vinyl for this release is in Europe and normally ships to us via passenger air plane cargo. Because far fewer flights are happening, we had to ship this release via boat which is much slower.

Our apologies for the delay, we do appreciate your support. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this email.


Jonathan Tuite"


Just tears everywhere GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

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Sprain - As Lost Through Collision LP is up now for PO.


Los Angeles-based experimental artists Sprain play downer music at cacophonous volumes. Their new album, As Lost Through Collision (out September 4th on The Flenser), unfurls threads of spidery 90’s rock (think Unwound, Duster, Slint, etc.) and is a complex and cathartic exercise in tension and restraint.

Formed in L.A. in early 2018 by Alex Kent and April Gerloff, Sprain‘s initial home-recorded forays into minimalistic slowcore resulted in their self-titled EP (2018) that distinguished them from the lo-fi pack through visceral expressions of depressed life. Soon, guitarist Alex Simmons and drummer Max Pretzer joined, folding tumultuous noise rock, drone, and flirtations with the avant-garde into the band’s arsenal. Touring converged these explorations into Sprain’s current sound: pure 21st century panic strained through a wall of piercing, feedbacking guitar amps.


Written at home and refined on the road, the 5 new tracks that comprise As Lost Through Collision are parts monolithic and minimalist, manic and mellow. Engineered by Josiah Mazzaschi at The Cave (Built to Spill, The Jesus and Mary Chain) and mixed by Tim Green at Louder Studios (The Melvins, Lungfish, Jawbreaker), the music here retains its organic purity and captures Sprain in its truest state. The listener can hear every instrument and every tonal deviation while the band members embrace musical and philosophical abstraction in their art practice; they emphasize sound as force, differentiating the concept of pure sound from music. And although As Lost Through Collision is a departure from their previous EP, it still retains Sprain’s former slowcore aesthetic. “This record was a conscious effort to move beyond the initial style we experimented with on our last EP into something more unique — something more ‘us,’” they comment.


The tumultuous lifestyle of being a DIY musician in LA is reflected in the intentional harshness of Sprain’s sound, and the new compositions were also influenced by a change in understanding and approach to music creation. Guitarist/vocalist Alex Kent comments, “I feel like my approach to composition changed due to some new mental challenges such as extreme anxiety, and the songs definitely reflect that.” Sprain is and continues to be a therapeutic vehicle, actively seeking personal catharsis that’s reflected by the intensity of the music and performance. And while the noticeable persuasion from 90’s post hardcore and noise rock is palpable, As Lost Through Collision takes cues from 20th century avant classical such as Xenakis and Penderecki. The end result is freewheeling and urgent, dynamic and destructive, and Sprain is marked by an aggressive versatility that has been sorely lacking in recent guitar music











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5 minutes ago, jrodan said:

EP was sooo good. this new song is awesome, but i hope they kept some slowcore elements. 

I actually haven't checked out the single yet, but I did spy this in the blurb Juan posted;



while the band members embrace musical and philosophical abstraction in their art practice; they emphasize sound as force, differentiating the concept of pure sound from music. And although As Lost Through Collision is a departure from their previous EP, it still retains Sprain’s former slowcore aesthetic


I'm hopeful.

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The liking of Sprain to the sounds of Slint and Unwound are spot-on. The EP and the single on this LP are definitely that trajectory of mathcore and slowcore but a little noisier. I love it. 


if anyone doesn't want their Flenser sub copy...hit me up. I'll gladly take it off your hands. 



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