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Dating older girls advice

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So I'm American, have been teaching in Japan for 3 years.

I met this Japanese girl who is AMAZING so easy going and super great gf. 110x better than all my ex's


Although, I am 26 she is 36. We have dated for about 15 months, and thinking of moving in together in the next few weeks or so. 


I don't have to many worries, but wondering if anyone has any advice, or things to look out for.

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Don't worry about the age difference. As you get older you'll realize it's just a state of mind anyways.


What is more important is that you both have similar ideas about the future if you're going to live together. Want kids? Do you see yourself staying over there for many more years? If not, is she cool with it?  Sounds like you found a good match.

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Yea I thought she was about 30 the first 4 months until I found out. She is super energetic and doesn't act a day older than 30 either. I'm really happy with her and she does wana settle soon. 

That's my biggest dilemma, I think its for any age though of just knowing this is last person you will ever date.

Also I know I want kids, and just weird thinking that it is something we will potentially have to rush a little bit. 

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At 15 months it's shit or get off the pot. Asian women rock. I just got married today, my wife is Chinese. Her parents gave us a substantial wedding present so we actually plan on going to Japan next year. I've totally lost course here, but yes, sounds like you've found a good woman so I would worry with age, having kids quickly, etc. My wife's parents had an oops baby, her mom was 42 when it happened and her sister turned out just fine and her mom was out of the hospital the next morning. All will be good brotha.

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As my friend Angela always says "asian women look perpetually like they are 24 till they hit 60 and then turn to yoda overnight". she's 40 now and still looks like she's 25 when i met her. 


and yes, at 36 most women know what they want. they aren't playing games anymore. well, except if they are divorced and regressing back into their 20's due to being wed or having children early or they are completely immature. 

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Yea the Japanese age hella well!! The bartender at the place we go looks maybe 23 and shes 40!!! 

But totally true about menopause. White people age as we get older, asians seem to hold on and then crash faster.

Plus they live forever anyway, all the old 90+ people are still walking all over the city

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