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I have decided that I'm going to variant collect my favorite band, Nothing. Below are the things I need, if you would like to help me out send me a reasonable offer or I'm open to trades. Thanks!
(I realize some of these variants are still available, but I'm waiting to get those until after I get some rarer things)
Guilty Of Everything
- Test Press
First Press:
- Clear /100
- Black/White Half And Half (Deluxe Version) /500
- White /750
- Black /1250
Second Press:
- White/Black/White Tri-Color w/ Reverse Color Cover Art /500
- Black /1500
Third Press:
- Pink /300
- Red/Black/Red Striped /300
- Red /1700
- Cassette /200
Suns And Lovers
- Test Press
First Press:
- White /100
- Black /200
- Cassette /100
Downward Years To Come
- Test Press
First Press:
- White
- Black
- Clear
- Faux Leather Sleeve /120
- Black
- White
- Black/White Split
Whirr / Nothing Split
- Test Press
First Press:
- 180g Black /500
- Pink /1000
- Cream/Green Marble /1000
- Baby Blue /1000
- Green/Baby Blue/Yellow Starburst /1500
пошлость (poshlost) 

- Cassette /100


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