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makes me sad, but i'm purging a lot of variants from my TWY collection. i'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on the rarer ones, but i figured i would post the ones that are easier for me to let go. good time for any kind of collector to fill out his or her collection.


i would prefer to sell everything at once, so please take advantage of the discount if you're interested. mostly because i don't have very many mailers, and i have a reeeeeal nice bulk 7" mailer just waiting to be used.


$3 flat shipping (all prices exclude shipping)


won't be pathetic forever

$17 - 2nd press, black /1000

$12 - 3rd press, orange /500

$12 - 3rd press, purple /500

$12 - 4th press, white /500

$12 - 4th press, clear /500

$12 - 4th press, pink /500

all-WBPF bundle: $69 (10% off)


punk is dead. get a job. (split with stay ahead of the weather) - KEEPING ONE

$22 - black /200

$20 - black/clear /300

$18 - clear + black splatter /500

pick-2 PIDGAJ bundle: $36 (up to 14% off)


distances (split with all or nothing) - KEEPING ONE

$24 - white w/ red and blue /300

$22 - blue /400


under the influence (split with fallen from the sky) - KEEPING ONE

$22 - blue /300

$17 - brown /700


manton street

$15 - blue /500


everything bundle (all 6 WBPF + 2 PIDGAJ + 1 distances + 1 UIF + 1 MS): $145 (up to 19% off)

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