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Hold Steady RSD Reissues: Boys and Girls in America and Heaven Is Whenever


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via Modern Vinyl


As part of Record Store Day 2015, The Hold Steady will reportedly be reissuing a couple of full length albums, beginning with Boys and Girls In America. It looks like this one last came to vinyl in 2007, according to Discogs, and will be on purple or white vinyl for the RSD reissue. Meanwhile, Heaven Is Whenever will actually make its second appearance on an RSD list. This was previously released in 2010 as part of the celebration and was a “first release,” which meant it went wide that following May. This reissue will reportedly be on 180-gram red vinyl.

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Reissuing HiW is random. Is it even OOP?

Surprised they aren't doing SS and AKM.


Yea, in all fairness Boys and Girls + HiW both needed represses. They're actually getting harder to come by.


Unfortunately, both sound like shit so if it's the same plates, I wouldn't go crazy trying to hunt one down.

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I absolutely love BaGiA - HiW is okay, but I'm not rushing out to get it.


I think the reason that SS and AKM aren't being repressed - compared to the fact that the other two are - is different record labels. Both of those early Hold Steady records were on Frenchkiss, which, based on some basic Discogs research, haven't done much to repress a lot of their bands' albums, causing the values to be way high, especially for the first two Hold Steady, Passion Pit, Lifter Puller (Craig Finn's old band), and some other bands. 


Edit: actually, both SS and AKM were released on vinyl by Women Records, which appears, at least according to Discogs, to have one other release. May be a matter of where the licensing rights are. Although I have no idea how that works...

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