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Hey, all.


I recently bought a new home and am looking to A) clear the place of clutter (I don't really collect or listen to vinyl records anymore) and B) make a few bucks to help pay for some necessities.


So all that being said...the list below is what I currently own and am willing to part with. There's a few that I'm just not going to give up (unless someone makes a ridiculous offer) but for the most part they're all for sale.


I have a ton of vinyl mailers I have ready to use to ship out and will accept any payments via PayPal (I'll generate the labels through PayPal as well so it's all trackable for both of us).


Please feel free to PM me any offers. Prices are negotiable - I just went off of recent eBay sold listings to get my prices.



UPDATED AS OF 2/9 - removed any records that have sold or that I have a pending offer on.





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What ARE you willing to pay, haha? I am a kind and generous man.


I only based these prices off of recently sold eBay listings. That being said I do have a pending offer on EIT, but none for Cities.


Sorry, I wasn't saying your prices are high. Mostly just sad that 2 records I love cost so much haha I follow both on ebay (and everywhere else) hoping for a reasonably priced copy but it never happens. I'd be willing to pay WAY less than that if you want to sell it to me haha. But I certainly don't fault you for getting high dollar for them when there are definitely people out there who are willing to buy them for that much.

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