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FS/FT Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, Empire! Empire!, and more

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pm me offers on the list!, also accepting offers on my tradelist



Adventure/ Pity sex - split (red a side/blue b side 1st press /500)

Alert - demo (clear red 1st press 56/100)

Beach slang - cheap thrills on a dead end street (red/orange 1st press /150)

Burning bridges/The icarus line - split (orange 1st press #770/1000)

Diamond youth - shake -(ultra clear w/ highlighter yellow and magenta splatter 1st press /500)

Empire empire! - in which choices (pink marble 1st press /50)

Empire empire!/ annabel/ the reptilian/ joie de vivre - split (black 1st press /100)

Empire! empire!/ Joie de vivre - split (maple 1st press /494)

Empire! empire!/ Malegoat - split (kelly green 1st press /150)

Frameworks - small victories (pink 3rd press /200)

Knuckle puck - oak street (green 1st press [FLEXI] /1000)

Knuckle puck/Neck deep - split (opaque purple w/ light blue haze /250)

Light years - just between us... (clear blue 1st press /227)

Pianos become the teeth/The saddest landscape - split (translucent red w/black smoke 5th press /500)

Project x - straight edge revenge (coke bottle clear 3rd press of reissue /1000)

Real friends - 3 songs (brown 1st press /800)

Real friends - 3 songs (clear w/ red splatter 1st press /600)

Real friends - 3 songs (coffee a side/ creamer b side 1st press /300)

Sojurner - overwheliming (record release)

Team effort - the third age (clear blue /100)

Touche amore/The casket lottery - split (white 1st press /200)

Wreck - nervous wreck (black 1st press /400)

Xerxes/ Midnight souls -split (clear green 1st press /400)

You blew it! - pioneer of nothing (opaque yellow/ transparent red color in color 1st press /250)

You blew it! - pioneer of nothing (opaque yellow/ transparent red color in color 1st press /250)

You blew it!/Fake problems - split (forest green 2nd press /500)

Young turks - where i rise (clear green /??)



Empire empire! - when the sea became a giant (beer in blue 1st press /350)



Blink 182 - the mark tom and travis show ( clear w/ splatter 2x lp 1st press /2700)

Diamond youth - don't lose your cool (white 2nd pressing /250)

Diamond youth - orange (translucent orange w/ black smoke 2nd press /725)

Dikembe - mediumship (white w/ green starburst 1st press /250)

Empire! empire! - you will eventually be forgotten (black 1st press /250)

Field mouse - hold still life (purple 1st press /200)

Ghost thrower - 10 songs (clear w/ black smoke /??)

Have mercy - a place of our own (opaque ivory 1st press /??)

Hold tight! - blizzard of '96 (opaque blue 1st press /200)

Ivy league - transparency (black/clear mix 1st press /600)

Jay z - black album (black 1st press /??)

Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried (Ultra Clear 1st press /100)

Knuckle puck - while I stay secluded (transparent blue a side/ transparent red b side w/ white splatter 1st press /250)

La dispute - rooms of the house (black 1st press /2000)

Modern baseball - sports (blue 2nd press /300)

My chemical romance - may death never stop you (black 1st press /??)

Neck deep - rain in july/ a history of bad decisons (orange 1st press /150)

Neck deep - wishful thinking (milky clear w/ white splatter 1st press /500)

Old gray - an autobiography (white w/ gold and silver splatter [euro press w/ grey themed pre-order cover]/25)

Pharrell - in my mind (black 1st press /??)

Run for cover - mixed signals (black 1st press /1000)

Run forever - settling (Stormy Blue 2nd press /130)

Taking back sunday - tell all your friends (black 6th press /1198)

Taking back sunday - where you want to be (black 2nd press /1000)

Touche amore - is survived by (opaque blue 1st press /11499)

Touche amore - parting the sea between brightness and me (black 3rd press /??)

Touche amore - to the beat of a dead horse (orange 6th press /??)

Turnover - magnolia (aqua w/ mustard splatter 1st press /1000)

Wild ones - keep it safe (black 1st press /500)

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