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Kanye West

Damnit, Sandy! A new music vlog for you to (hopefully) enjoy!

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I'm going to start reviewing my favorite places to shit. I'll post a link after I do my first video, entitled, "secret office bathroom: an oasis of peace in a shitty world." I hope you all follow and comment on how super awesome I am.

I think I'll title my video series "Shitty Places to Visit." See, it's funny because you think I'm just being a dick, but really I'm not because these bathrooms' families also call them shitty places.

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Wtf is this shit (Discogs message):


"Long time no talk!! I wanted to reach out because, clearly since you bought a record of mine, you have great taste in music. I have a youtube vlog talking all about music/vinyl, and it's starting to really pick up a decent amount of steam. Thought I'd send it your way, maybe you'll enjoy it. 


If you like it, and want to subscribe, we'd be very pleased :) 

Be well!"

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Your down votes are only serving the purpose of pleasuring me (sexually). Lately my wife has been nagging and complaining about my performance, but I believe tonights remedy of hatred from the peasants is doing just the trick. If you really want to hurt me, you will upvote me. 


But back to about my erection. I haven’t had one in years. Tonights revelation has promoted me to become the spokesman of a new sexual performance drug  for the elderly in Sweden, “Kostnoff”. I plan on submitting this photo for the billboard. What do you all think? 




Sven G. E

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