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~Angel Park Charity Auctions~

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~Angel Park Charity Auctions~


For those of you who don't venture into the Cassette Collective thread or SN/TH Live Tape thread, I am currently doing charity auctions with all the proceeds going to Angel Park. It's for families that have suffered a lose in their family (mainly children). I chose it because the organization that is building it helps out a lot with Johns Hopkins Children's Center. They donate money, toys, supplies, etc. whenever needed. It's also a charity that is very near and dear to my mom. She teared up when talking about it at the start of the fundraiser.


At the end of the four mini auctions that I'm doing, there will be a grand finale auction. This thread is where all information about it will be posted. I've had numerous people and labels offer to help out by donating items to be added into the auction. Thanks a bunch for everyone that has either bid on an auction or is helping out. I appreciate it more than I could ever type out. If you'd like to get involved, the more the merrier. Just shoot me a message and I'll send you some info about it. 


Amounts raised so far

Auction #1 - $65.00

Auction #2 - $38.00

Auction #3 - $48.50

Auction #4 - $51.50

Big Finale - $68.00


Total - $271.00


Info about the charity: angel-park.org


"Angel Park – a new all-inclusive playground and amphitheater facility in Perry Hall, MD has a very real and personal meaning to members of our community. The name was purposely chosen to represent a vision of an ideal setting for happiness and reflection. This name was selected to inspire support from the widest audience and to build the enthusiasm and momentum necessary to make it a reality.


Angel Park began from an idea that came to Kelli and Andy Szczybor after the loss of their baby boy, Ryan. From a sad origin, a bright and life affirming idea emerged – to build a place for laughter, activity and fun, for families and friends throughout the surrounding neighborhoods."

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It's finally time! The grand finale auction is now live! It includes tapes, records, a cd, art prints, and photographs. Thank you to the generous donators for helping me make this possible. I can't express how happy I am with the current outcome. We've raised over $200 for Angel Park. Happy bidding!




Here are the items being auctioned off:

Sorority Noise - Live at the Metro Gallery
This is the original tape used to record their set. It also served as the master copy while dubbing the other 50 that have been sold/auctioned off. It is ONLY Sorority Noise’s set on Side A. The other side is completely blank. The j-card is signed by the full band.


The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation (CD with signed booklet)

Summerpunx - Summerpunx (cassette | green | first | #11/50)
The Wonder Years - Won’t Be Pathetic Forever (7” | black | second | 1000)
Punchline / Over It - Split (7” | red | first | 2000)
Mansions - The Biggest Lie / Tangerine (7” | black | first | 250)
Thunderbird Records COMP COMP Vol 1 (7” | mixed color | first)


Knuckle Puke - While I Stay Secluded
(cassette | green w/ white | second | 64)
Donated by Near Mint Records
Note: This item is currently in route to me.

If it doesn't arrive before the end of the auction, arrangements will be made with the winner


Somos - Temple of Plenty
(cassette | white | first | 50)
Donated by Austin Bergman


Set of Photographs featuring Dowsing, CityCop, Brightside, Sorority Noise,

Modern Baseball, The Hotelier, and Tiny Moving Parts.
Donated by Patt Hickey


Untitled (ink drawing #1)
Donated by Lauren Moran


Untitled (ink drawing #2)
Donated by Sarah Elizabeth


Music is Life (digital drawing)
Donated by T.J. Trev

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Big thanks to Patt Hickey for donating these stretch goal rewards.

If the auctions reaches the amounts below, the item from that reward will be added to the final package.


$75 : Touche Amore / Casket Lottery (The) | Split | First | Transparent Pink | 500 | No Sleep Exclusive

$125 : above + Old Gray | Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To | First | Marble Gray | 200

$200 : above + The World Is… | Whenever, If Ever | First | Clear W/ Blue And Green Splatter | 200


Again, they will only be added IF the price reaches the amount stated.

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