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I have a couple of records I'm looking to buy that I'm I've been looking for for a while, if anybody has anything their willing to sell that would be awesome


****All Time Low - Put up or shut up (any press) (need this as a present)****


The Wonder Years - Dismantling summer 7" (any screen press variant)

The Wonder Years - Sleeping on trash (Any variant)

The Wonder Years - won't be pathetic forever (any variant)

The Wonder Years - leavenhouse. 11:30 

The Wonder Years - Don't Let me cave in 7" (any variant)

The Wonder Years - Distances 7" (any variant)


The Story So Far - tssf/maker split 7" (any variant)

The Story So Far - While you were sleeping (any variant)

The Story So Far - Under Soil and dirt (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th press)


Dance Gavin Dance - Self titled (any press)

Dance Gavin Dance - Perfect 7"

Dance Gavin Dance - Backwards pumpkin song flexi 


pm/message me if you're willing to sell or email me @ [email protected]


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There is a copy of DGD Perfect 7'' on discogs. Price is a bit high but that one is a bit hard to come by.




Also, the self-titled album was only part of the boxset, so you probably will not find it unless you get a boxset. It will likely get pressed soon though!

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As far as DGD goes, I'm not willing to sell, since I just finished my collection, but I will say, they did have represses of s/t outside of the box set. Also, I would definitely NOT take any offers of over $20 for the flexis, since I just saw DGD on tour back in November, and they STILL haven't sold all 550 sets of them. I got #512, and it was only $10 there.

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