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The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

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2 hours ago, DealsOnVinyl said:

eBay 15% off $50+ code PMAY4TH
Max $100 discount
Valid 5/4 8am-4pm PT

Combine with ImportCDs 20% off $60+ for killer deals!

This is also a great code to use on a new turntable, amp, etc.


Been waiting for another one of these and had the cart prepared this time.  Picked up a handful of titles.

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EBay is having a whole slew of problems today.  Here is a link to their technical problems page - normally there are only 1 or 2 posts a day:




The original 15% coupon (capped at $100) ended at 4:00PT, but there were so many problems for buyers that Ebay extended it for another 3 hours to 7:00PT, with a reduced $50 cap.


As it is, I did a good sized order (14 LP's with about 8 different sellers), and they are messaging me tonight saying that they have received my payment but no other confirmation from Ebay, and their listings are still live on the site, even though I bought the item. 

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Not vinyl related, but if you want a free wire tap for your home, eBay has a code for a free Google Home mini ($49). This in exchange for spending $150 with code PFREEMINI

Oh, don't forget to add it to your cart first. Sold directly by Skynet, err Google.

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