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The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

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Yes, for the Hastings price.  But then again, you'll probably nearly lose money considering what shipping will cost so...yeah.

If he has a box big enough, shipping should be less than $10. Plus, he could just charge actual cost + shipping so as not to lose anything, but still giving everyone a killer deal.

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I was curious about how that Eminem boxset was received so I checked Amazon. Multiple reviews of disappointing quality with both pack

aging and sound. A number of people also said that they were missing albums within the set itself. So, heads up if you bought one.

Yeah for 21 bucks I'll take my chances .. Thanks for the "heads up"

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I emailed Gohastings about how they canceled six of my orders and proceeded to sell multiple copies of each of those records on their site a few hours later, instead of oh ya know fulfilling existing orders, and this was their response:


Thank you for your email. When you placed your order, we did have the item in stock, however, by the time your order processed through our system and we attempted to fill your order, we had physically sold out from our stores of that item and that is why the order canceled. If you see it available now, it’s because we obtained another copy in our stores. We do apologize for any inconvenience.


No shit, GoHastings.  Thanks for explaining the concept of 'out of stock' to me and completely ignoring the main point of my message.

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