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Sigur Rós - ágætis byrjun expanded limited edition

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18 hours ago, ntslash said:

Damn, this legitimately killed the momentum of the thread, haha.


What do you guys make of this?  I could see mistakes happening to some degree, but didn’t this span multiple years?  (2011-2014 if I recal from reading the article yesterday.)  Really crazy timing that overlaps with this album’s reissue announcement, which was anticipated for years.

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those guys have $$$ coming in from so many different sources, so I could see there being some loose strings when having taxes done. not sure how Iceland works when it comes to taxes, but hopefully they can get through this speed bump. between that and losing Orri, it's been a bumpy road as of late.

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If you trust your accountant, and by hiring them you would assume that they are trustworthy, you wouldn't have much of a reason to believe they are screwing you until it's too late. Now, if you are hyper aware of all of your finances, you would catch it, but how many of us are like that even not being at rock star levels? I feel like it could happen to anyone who trusts their accountant.


Back to music. I have debated about buying the box and even the basic remaster with extra downloads. I have an original pressing and don't think I'd listen to the expensive box much more than I listen to the OG. I will probably just order a download for the extra stuff.


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4 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

The tax story seems like basically a nothing story. It is a shame it stepped on the AB 20th announcement. 

I think the worst part is all the tryhard comments on Facebook.  You’ve got people sharing their genuine appreciation for the album, recalling how it impacted them over the last 20 years, voicing their gratitude for such a special recording... and for every 5 comments of that variety, someone rehashes “YOU’RE GONNA’ HAVE TO SELL A LOT OF THESE TO PAY YOUR TAX DUES”, along with the same link.  There’s a time and a place.  It is pretty telling that the band are at least being super transparent in their efforts to resolve everything, from what I can tell at least.

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They hold a festival that brings in thousands of fans that would never visit Iceland and thousands of dollars in buziness.... annnnd a big f u. Happy to see they are cooperating, but this feels a little tone def for a country that routinely gives deep discounts on flights if they have a layover in Iceland just to get people in the door.

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8 hours ago, craigeduk said:

Later in the summer their 2003 documentary soundtrack album "Hlemmur" will finally be released on vinyl as a limited edition double 10" (a discogs entry for it was created as a copy was sent out to someone in error  https://www.discogs.com/Sigur-Rós-Hlemmur/release/13374113 )

This is great news. One of my favourite releases of theirs! 

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Jonsi has a new project - limited to 1,000 .  It's from Vinyl Factory UK. 


Price is 25 UK pounds plus 14UK pounds shipping to the USA.  Shipping price for 1 LP is the same as for 2 LP, so I also ordered the hard to find solo album from former Sigur Ros member Kjartan Sveinsson.


Total for the 2LP's plus shipping to the USA was 64 UK pounds, or about $84.00 USA. 


Jonsi's Dark Morph LP limited to 1000


Kjartan Sveinsson solo 2x10" LP

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