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Comic Con 2018 (SDCC) - New Year Same Old Thread

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Dude, just enjoy fucking Comic Con with your family. Stop trying to make it sound like your VCs Comic Con ambassador. You're not hooking anyone up, so just please stop ruining my childhood summer spot with your clinking and clanking. There's like no one on this thread vibing with you if you haven't noticed

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The Chuck Pallahiniuk SDCC LP appears to be a picture disc that is limited to 250 copies!

Very excited for this.

Even if you are just a casual fan of Fight Club you should grab a copy.  Chuck is always EXTREMELY friendly and normally has some little extra giveways to make it more enjoyable.


Anyone that is a He-man fan should be sure to check out Skeletor's Lair pop up shop after the convention closes every night (think it's open till midnight most nights.) It is located at 701 8th Av and they have some really cool exclusives. The coolest to me is a Moss Man Chia pet.


Random other cool after party is Elijah Wood is DJing Wed at 526 Market st.


If you are into prints, it appears Gallery 1988 is pre-selling their exclusives online Wed, to be picked up at the con.  Follow on twitter for the exact time.

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Thanks for all the updates, Ben. Really helpful.

Where will Chuck's booth be?

I don't think he has his own booth. He has some signings at Dark Horse comics for Fight Club 2, but I would think he should be more accessible at his books publisher booth, that's where I have seen him the most in the past.

Walked around down town today and watching everything get set up has me ready for tomorrow.

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