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[PPD] Converge (AWLWLB), John Fahey (BJD)

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hey all. few items up for sale here - all prices INCLUDE SHIPPING, USA only. i've got a few single mailers and a few double/triple mailers, so buying in bulk is cool. feel free to PM with any questions concerns offers yadda yadda. THANKS!


update: i'm free to ship tomorrow (wednesday, march 11), so if anyone is interested in these last two LPs i could get them out pretty quick. knocked 2 bucks off each one to try and get them out the door. PM me with any questions - thanks!!


$18 - Burzum - Filosofem (2xLP 2010 pressing, played once) **SOLD**

$16 - Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind (2xLP 2014 pink pressing, played once)

$10 - John Fahey - Blind Joe Death (2010 pressing)


the following 4 albums are all the most recent pressings. i bought them as a bundle when phil elverum announced the repress, but never ended up listening to them. *each album is $15, or all 4 for $50*.

The Microphones - Don't Wake Me Up

The Microphones - It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water

The Microphones - Song Islands Vol. 1

Mt. Eerie - Song Islands Vol. 2 **SOLD**

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