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The Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters thread

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57 minutes ago, bjorn said:

I definitely prefer poly lined sleeves as well, but to me the bigger problem is the insane amount of dust and debris I often find on band new records. This one was pretty clean. I think the noise seems to be embedded in the grooves, not a dirt or scratch issue. I'll give it a wet clean but I'm not optimistic it will do anything. Also, I'm on the B side now, and while there is still some noise it's not as bad and fades a few tracks in. The album sounds gorgeous otherwise.


I did notice a few places that sounded like the song fuzzed out a bit, but after giving them both a good cleaning I only hear the occasional pop now and those fuzzy places don't appear anymore. Being in such dry weather right now sure did make the vinyl want to cling to my cork matt!


1 hour ago, Saxonjulin said:

Mine sounds awful because the paper inner sleeves scuffed it bad. Why do people insist on using paper inner sleeves still?


My first disc was really difficult to get out of the sleeve and had grit on it. Gentle Moon seems to have a never-ending pop that is a pressing issue and not just dirt.


54 minutes ago, jon720 said:

My copy sounds exactly the same. It’s pretty bad on side A, but not as bad on the others. Apparently a few other people on other boards said the same thing. 

After getting mine cleaned up a bit it seems to sound fine other than a few hiccups here & there, but I think some of my popping is because of how dry and bad the static cling is right now because of the weather.

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1 hour ago, bjorn said:

Spinning my Ghosts reissue now... getting persistent crackling in the right channel (only on the A side so far, haven't tried the others yet). Hopefully this is just my copy, anyone else?

My A-Side sounds like shit from beginning to end, but the other 3 sides sound good. 

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On 2/18/2018 at 6:07 PM, aekastar said:

Uh oh, I ordered a copy from amazon to get free shipping earlier today... would mean it'll be the US copy :\

I hope I luck out and it doesn't have too much noise (hate that), but at least amazon is good about returns if something is wrong with it

I got an Amazon copy and it sounds great, extremely quiet.  I was cautious though and scissored the sleeves apart so that I could lift the records out without them dragging on the paper, then brushed them and put in poly sleeves.  

My only complaint is that my C/D LP is a bit dished.  Hopefully I can compress it down a bit under a book.

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I panicked a little when i saw people posting about poor quality. I had a preorder in from amazon.ca and then ordered a copy from a third party seller in the UK after it was released. I received the US copy via my preorder from amazon.ca and it looks perfect. Haven't spun it yet though. I'm just waiting on the UK copy to arrive so that i can compare them, then one of them will go back.

I'll followup here after i've received and compared them.


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