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The Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters thread

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Absolutely love the color of Old Ramon. Glad I got it. I didn't realize bullmoose didn't charge till shipping? Guess I won't be getting it on black. Loser edition rules anyways.

I ordered the Jesu/SKM record cause gotta keep my SKM collection complete. Hope it's a good record. If anyone has a copy of that physical graffiti redrawn LP they wana sell hit me up.

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MARK KOZELEK - Live In Copenhagen (LUNA music Vermillion Red Vinyl edition) 2-LP Set!!!




Originally given away as a free, limited-edition, unmastered CD, with pre-orders--on the Caldo Verde website in 2012--this is amongst the most popular/in-demand of the live Kozelek oeuvre.

Striking a balance between Red House Painters songs, covers, and 'Admiral Fell Promises'-era Sun Kil Moon--'Live In Copenhagen' hits the sweet spot, for all eras of Mark.

Spread across four sides (featuring first-time mastering and lacquer cutting by the legendary John Golden) and housed in a heavyweight, single-pocket/double-wide jacket--this one-time only pressing ( 100 LUNA music Vermillion RED VINYL 2-LP sets and 1500 BLACK VINYL 2-LP sets ) is the best the audio has been presented, to date.

>>>Due to the limited nature of the LUNA edition, orders are limited to one per person. Thank you!

BLACK VINYL SETS will be available at finer independent retail stores, from 08 July 2016.
LUNA vermillion RED VINYL SETS will be shipped to arrive by 08 July 2016.

1. Third And Seneca
2. Australian Winter
3. Follow You, Follow Me

1. Mistress
2. Church Of The Pines
3. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me

1. Void
2. You Are My Sun
3. Randolph's Tango
4. Jesus Christ Was An Only Child
5. Brockwell Park

1. Get Along Home Cindy
2. Rock 'N' Roll Singer
3. Natural Light
4. Alesund

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18 minutes ago, fish said:

I recall Luna advertising the blue benji as limited to 100 and exclusive to them and that turned out to be pressed in a much larger quantity and sold from CV as well. So I'm curious if the red is really out of 100. But it was a must have for me to keep the Koz collection current.

It was the blue Benji, and they inflated the price because of it's exclusivity too. It would not surprise me to have Mark post a red version on his website with an edition of 500 :)

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