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The Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters thread

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How is this OK to say?!?!? Seriously.    If this an attempt to be edgy and contribute to the "hilarity" that the "rape jokes" have become...then go ahead and delete your account(s) and head

Cool! Tell us for a third time!!

I'm definitely not into victim shaming! However,

"Mark the Rapper" is slightly funny, I must admit. The spoken word breakdowns get a bit tedious, but then again, the same can be said for his last few years output. I found myself at the end of the album before I realized it. Something in my brain finally slammed down the wedge that split this new him away from who he used to be as an artist, so I can finally laugh & slightly enjoy this one. Much more enjoyable than Universal Themes to me though. He actually makes a few good points during his random rants, but it's generally a good listen just for laughs while I'm baked as hell....

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40 minutes ago, Tommy said:

I think this may be the key to enjoying the new Koz

I gotta give him credit for making me laugh with his one man, two way conversation in Philadelphia Cop.... MC Marky Mark gettin' fuckin' old on yo ass!

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On 2/20/2017 at 10:30 PM, filthyrich said:

I really like Old Ramon... and actually saw him on that tour. (Was that the last time Kozelek played with a full band?) But I'd put Ocean Beach and Roller Coaster ahead of it, just for personal preference. It's probably tied for third with Blue Guitar. 


The amazing thing at the time was that Ghosts came out of nowhere. RHP was caught in label limbo... MK put out a couple solo EPs that were mostly AC/DC covers (with a couple John Denver covers for spice)... Sub Pop finally releases Old Ramon and RHP promptly break up after the tour... And then Mark randomly announces a new project, on a tiny label no less. For a guy who recorded for 4AD, Island, and Sub Pop, putting out an album on "Jetset Records" felt like a huge step backwards.


And then we actually HEARD Ghosts... And damn, it was pretty much perfect. Couldn't wait for the follow-up.


And then, Koz being Koz, he never remotely returned to the sound of that record again.



I think that "Tiny Cities" was the pinnacle of his career, even though it was just Modest Mouse covers.  It was brilliant.  

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I'm surprised these are still available. I remember when Perils sold out in like what... 2 hours? I banged my head against the wall for missing it and stupidly paid $175 to an eBay scalper to get a copy. Little did I know it would be pretty easy to get later. Still kick myself for it.


I guess people really aren't digging Koz or this album as much as they did a few years ago. 

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