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4 minutes ago, deftbarley said:

That was directed at me? What's with these sweeping generalizations? It's such simple thinking from a brilliant mind like yours.

You're the one who made the Don't Tread On Me comment referring to the flag that represents the Constitutional rights given to us by our founding fathers who wrote it to try to protect our nation from Tyrannical Rule. Apparently you didn't realize what it stood for, now you do.

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Just now, timsimmons said:

No doubt, but I meant more what you thought because you seem dismissive of the “movement”. 

Im not dismissive of the movement, the liberals decided to dismiss it when 80 million of them voted for a rapist, whom I did not.


Voted Green, my hands are clean.

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17 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Sure, I’ll speak for all liberals. No they shouldn’t until they’ve sufficiently made amends and even then it’s up to the individual liberal to decide. 

Well Joe Biden has denied the accusations from Day 1 even though there is more than sufficient corraboration from Tara Reade and her associates that she confided with about it at the time so obviously he shouldn't have gotten off the hook yet Liberals literally enabled him to become the most powerful man in America.

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Just now, timsimmons said:

If true, I’d still take him over Donald Trump. 

It's not about Trump. If anything it's hysterical that Liberals got all over Trump's nuts in 2016 about being a Racist and a pussy grabber then just 4 short years later they let their media convince them into voting for their very own Racist pussy grabber.


It's why Progressives have been calling Liberals #BlueMAGA for much of 2020.

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2 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Never seen this before this thread. 

Maybe you're stuck in a Liberal echo chamber on your social media accounts? 🤷 That's the danger with what Liberals want to do with using Russiagate as a propaganda campaign in an attempt to Censor our internet.

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2 minutes ago, crossedoutname said:

He was better when he was doing speedballs and ripping off westerberg and Springsteen 

Ahh, you're into that era huh? I didn't like S/T but Prisoner really grew on me over time. Personally my favorite stuff is all the  unreleased B Sides, 7"s and 1984.

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