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If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest 3rd Press TODAY!

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I looked up and down for the original thread for this album but for the life of me I could not find it.


Science of Silence is doing a 3rd pressing for this superb album and pre orders go up at 1PM EST.




Pressing Info:


- Red w/ White Haze - 100
- Clear/Black Mix (A Side/ B Side) - 150
- Half Red & White w/ Black Splatter - 150
- Clear w/ Red & Black Splatter - 100 (Band Exclusive)


The variants don't really peak my interest too much so this may be where I stop variant collecting this band.


Anyhow, if you don't have this album pick it up today!

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People on Facebook are talking about the bad methods SOS records uses to do their packages.

Hsc Ri If These Trees Could Talk, its great news but the shipping methods ofScience Of Silence Records left me and many others that bought vinyl back in sadness. You cant ship vinyl overseas in a piece of paper ( no joke ) and expect it to not have damages on the cover and seamsplit and more.

Yes absolutely true, Hsc Ri! My copy of Pray for Sound came with 2 Seamsplits in the Inner-and(!) Outersleeves because the record was totally moveable inside. Really (@Label)... Look that things won't be that worse this time! I want my Ittct vinyl in pristine condition.

Did someone have good/bad experiencies with that in the past?

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Yeah my Pray for Sound was beat up as well. It's funny because I remember SoS throwing out a backhanded insult to the Sheath about "no test press should have 50 copies" (or something to that effect) not long after I believe the Jakob PO went up, which I agree is excessive, but at least the Sheath packs their items like champs. So Sheath 1, SoS 0.

And besides, SoS still did a run of 15 tests for PFS I believe.

But I digress.

EDIT: And SoS still gets my damn money for 3 copies of this regardless. SoS 1, me 0.

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i'd give all my money to the sheath if they'd keep pressing quality stuff. lindsay and joel are great people, so if they want to make a little extra cash selling test presses, I don't have any problem w/ it. I typically don't even think of those runs as tests, but more of a limited collectors edition run w/ exclusive screened artwork.

I guess that's the biggest reason I don't like SoS. they got ITTCT, and then did such a shitty job w/ this release. charlie wagers saved it from being a complete disaster.

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