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Gustavo Santaolalla - The Last Of Us OST Vinyl

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Tried seeing if this had been posted or not and couldn't seem to find anything, so forgive me if this has been posted somewhere way back...


Guys over at Mondo going to be pressing The Last of Us OST to vinyl and, from the looks of it, going to be a 4xLP with the complete game music (DLC's included) and hoped to be ready for PO around July.


The Last of Us is probably one of the best video games I've ever played so I'm a little stoked for this...


Initial news: http://modern-vinyl.com/2014/12/18/mondo-releasing-the-last-of-us-ost-in-2015/


Pressing/release: http://modern-vinyl.com/2015/02/13/the-mv-podcast-041-justin-ishmael-mondo/ (at 53:21)

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I seem to recall seeing this in the Mondo thread. Although admittedly you'll be there all week trying to find the initial post as the thread is pretty long!

SO excited about this though! I seem to remember something about it being available at Comic Con this year? I have no idea about where or when that is to be honest. I'm in the U.K. so hoping it wont be some crazy exclusive (although I cant see it personally)

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Bummed there is no new news about this, but will definitely be purchasing when it comes out. The soundtrack and game are both top-notch. 4XLP though? Crazy.

Itll have all of the original OST and will have the Left Behind OST. Id be more than happy if they just did the original on 2xlp. Left Behind OST wasnt that great imo

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