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Damn now I see why I didn't get the giant poster. I paid $29.99 for the solid blue on RSD (which the barcode the store put on it even says RSD), which is actually the wedstore edition. Damn.

Damn, this happened to at least two people in here. I'd be pissed, because that markup is a little rough on top of it being the wrong variant.

Side note: love the avatar. I have a transistor sect tattoo haha

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Heads up yall: our main shipment of "Whatever Nevermind" was delayed by the freight company so we've only just gotten full #beastmode on mailorder. Thus, first tenth of mailorder copies are going out TODAY. We'll continue to chug through all orders ASAP and erryone's patience is appreciated !


Less than 60 vinyl copies of the Nirvana tribute remain, and that'll be that!  If you're a bit late to the party, a full list of all the rad stuff we stocked around this release can be found here:  http://www.roboticempire.com


Beyond that, Spotify heads: "Whatever Nevermind" is now live - https://open.spotify.com/user/roboticempire


We've been super proactive on Spotify lately, updating our top playlists almost daily, covering a variety of genres.


Please follow/add us or whatevs. Word.

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