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RGF-046: The Brokedowns/Boilerman/Brickfight/Boxsledder-"B Sides" 4-way split 7"

RGF-045: Pretty Pretty-"Talkin' to the Walls" EP 
RGF-044: Pretty Boy Thorson and Lil Happiness "I Ain't Your Man" 7" single
RGF-043: The Raging Nathans-"Losing It"
RGF-041: Stay Clean Jolene "s/t" LP
RGF-040: The Slow Death/Kyle Kinane split 7"
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RGF-001: SOK!/Rad Company “Thrashpop” split EP 
RGF-002: The Ex-Boyfriends/Rad Company “Hold My Glasses” Split LP
RGF-003: Hookerspitwindex/Pizza Hi-Five “Thought We Were Friends” Split EP
RGF-005: Discretions/Rad Company “I Won’t Be Home For New Year’s” Split EP 
RGF-008: The Credentials/Steelhorse split 7” EP
RGF-009: Low Culture “S/T” 7” EP
RGF-011: Astro Fang “Flesh Hand” 7’ EP
RGF-012: Pretty Boy Thorson and Lil’ Happiness 7” EP
RGF-015: Rob the Bank “Spoken Codes” LP
RGF-016: Pretty Boy Thorson and Lil’ Happiness “I An’t Gonna Beg” 7”
RGF-018: The Maxies “Greenland is Melting” LP
RGF-019: Raging Nathans 7” 
RGF-022: Flaming 50 “Tear It Up” LP
RGF-023: Tight Bros “S/T” LP
RGF-024: Apocalypse Meow “Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!” 7”
RGF-025: Rad Company/Tight Bros. split 7”
RGF-027: The Capitalist Kids/The Ex Boyfriends split 7”
RGF-029: Rations “Prisoners and Martyrs” 7”
RGF-031: The Slow Death- “No Heaven” LP
RGF-032: The Ex Boyfriends “Disease” LP
RGF-033: The Turkletons- "Fur Frontal" 7"
RGF-034: Dudes Night/American Lies – “Split 7””
RGF-035: Apocalypse Meow/Todd Congelliere split 7”
RGF-038: The Capitalist Kids "At a Loss" LP
RGF-039: Stabbed in Back/Payoff split 7"
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So what ultimately happened with the Pretty Boy Thorson 7" sub series? Did that whole idea just fall apart, with the /100 variants and sub exclusive 3rd release? I have never been able to get a response from anyone involved, and it looks like all mention of it has been removed from whence it came.

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No, it hasn't fallen apart, Jesse just takes his time.  From what I know, the next one is going to be a split with Lutheran Heat.  It will happen, Its just up to him when.  All subscriptions will be honored but this is why the band took the subscriptions, not the label!

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