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The National - A Lot of Sorrow - 9LP set

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This is a really nice set. Everything looks clean and sharp. The shipping packaging was over the top protective which is a nice touch especially given the price. Neat that the outer box is themed with the artwork as well. 


I may have to put the records into non plastic sleeves though. I don't really like those types of sleeves.


Vinyl is quiet. Mix is great. Its a sleek set. Its over priced for sure, but at least its really cool.

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That Pitchfork review is by Laura Snapes who is to say the least obsessed with The National and that score makes me think it's VERY biased.

This review is much better/accurate - http://drownedinsound.com/releases/18857/reviews/4149101

That is my favorite album review I've ever read.  "Fuck Knows/10"

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16 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Ordering from amoeba.com gives you free shipping. There may a 10-15% coupon out there too. 

Their 15% off coupon just ended yesterday.

If you want to save some cash on this right away (and don't mind buying in person), I would buy their Groupon ($30 for $19) using a brand new account and use the 15% discount Groupon gives to new users.  It'll end up being $30 for $14 which saves you $16 off the set.  


If you don't mind waiting, there should be another 15% Amoeba.com discount in a few weeks.

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