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Department - Aporia 7" (FFO: Damiera, Braid, Mock Orange, Topshelf, Mathy Stuff)

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I added the bandcamp link to the original post so you all can check it out. We leave for tour today in support of this 7. If you are in any of the following areas and would like to more info, just PM me. We will obviously have copies of the 7 with us on the road.  Thanks all!
8/5 - Easton, PA - Porters Pub
8/6 - Richmond, VA - City Dogs
8/7 - Charlotte, NC - Tommy's Pub
8/8 - Charleston, SC - The Sparrow
8/9 - Wilmington, NC - Reggies 42nd St Tavern. 
8/10 - Virginia Beach, VA - The Hook Up
8/11 - Washington, DC - The Pinch
8/15 - Utica, NY - The Dev
8/16 - Syracuse, NY - Gorham Brothers Music

ALSO, finally got a finished 7 and took some pics. not the best quality. they obviously look better in person. just a note that some are more blue, others are more purple. Pictures below....






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