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SMALL BROWN BIKE "The River Bed" (110 pressed / 150 gram)

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• NEW PRESSING: 110 on 150-Gram Black Vinyl (Pressed at audiophile plant QRP using new stampers pulled from the original metal mothers, just in time for the upcoming SBB shows!!. 50 copies went straight to the band... so the remaining 60 are likely to go fast!)
Travis Dopp - guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Gensterblum - drums, backing vocals
Ben Reed - bass, backing vocals
Mike Reed - guitar, vocals
Recorded by Dave Feeny at Tempermill Studios.
1. Deconstruct / Rebuild
2. Safe in Sound
3. A Declaration of Sorts
4. Scream in the Silence
5. Day and Nightmares
6. Tragically Ending
7. Sincerely Yours
8. What's Missing is Dead
9. The Outline of Your Hand Still Remains on My Hand
10. A Lesson to Remember

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got my copy today too :)


i can't say theres a drastic difference. i played my pink copy back to back with the repress and there's definitely more clarity and dynamic range but really only noticeable if you play them back to back IMO. glad i picked it up though, it'll def be the one i listen too ongoing

They are made from the same fathers = identical metal parts with the exception that the pressing plant that made the new pressing (QRP) did a great job of the pressing. Bonus trivia: the German pressing used mothers pulled from the same fathers. So the only sound differnence would be subtle at best. Although... I do think the new pressing is very very good.


All three pressings / plants did good work. There was no weak link.

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