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Favorite lesser known Pop-Punk bands?

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(insert Shoulder Shrug) regardless of niche/brand of pop-punk I feel like posting larger pop-punk bands in a thread titled "Favorite Lesser Known Pop Punk Bands" would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a vegetarian dish and stating you're vegetarian and the waiter coming out and saying "I know you're vegetarian, but you HAVE to try this steak I put in for you instead!!!"

I ain't mad about (nor am I vegetarian) I just don't feel like even prefacing it is warrant enough to post bands large enough to sell out venues (even if they are just Fest venues)

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OK, so I thought a bit about this after reading this thread yesterday.


Half Hearted Hero: I'm amazed, baffled and perplexed that the first pressing of Running Water hasn't even sold out yet. It's one of the best EPs any band has ever record, much less any pophyphenpunk band. If there is one underground poppunk band you haven't checked out yet, it's this one.


Collision: Put out one cassette and one 7" (with the same song+2). Fast stuff for fans of the faster blink-182 and Saves The Day. Pretty sure they got their name from the STD song.


A Life Worth Living: New York based band with two demos. Fast and super good.


Take Notice: Apart from Set Your Goals, Take Notice was my favorite band from the Easycore era. Fast and great. 5 or 6 songs in total were released. One 7". Full length was recorded, but never released. Still waiting for that one.


Shared Arms: III Sessions was free when I got it in 2010, but unfortunately not any more, but you can still hear it on the bandcamp thread. III Sessions is amazing. They just put out a new EP digitally.


Born Without Bones: I heard this record the first time in the spring of 2011. Still scratching my head wondering why they haven't become bigger band.


The Hotel Year: Hadn't they blown up yesteryear. Got linked to them through the Born Without Bones bandcamp.

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Just remembered another couple of bands that went under the radar:


Tomahawk Chop

you're from sweden and you know tomahawk chop? thats cool!


 Deadlights (CT) have a really awesome EP that is in the same vein of music you want more of, OP.  I can't find it streaming though. i know i'm so helpful...


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