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Bought a house SS updated 11/16 (Relient K X-Mas, Jim Adkins, MCR, FOB, WeCAR, All Time Low)

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Bought a house and need some cash to do updates. Open to offers if you don't like the set prices. I'd really like to let some of my collection go.

Also take a look at my deadformat and make me an offer I can't refuse.


Here's some stuff I'm definitely willing to let go, all prices are PPD:
$120 - The Maine - Pioneer white/1000
$40 - Paramore - All we know is falling | Clear w/ splatter 10 yr anniversary/4000
$17 - Hawthorne Heights - The Silence in Black & White | Clear gold/1060
$22 - My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge | HT red white splatter
$22 - My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade | HT Bone swirl
$12 - The Used - Shallow Believer (RSD 2015) | Blue/4000
$55 - Relient K - Let it Snow Baby.. Let it Reindeer | clear w/ blue & white swirl/285
We Came as Romans - Understanding what we've grown to be | Jade/1000
$15 - We Came as Romans - Self-Titled | Black w/ red splatter/1000


$15 - Fall Out Boy - Save Rock & Roll | Red

$25 - Jim Adkins Single Series/1500 (includes all three 7"s)
$25 - Katy Perry - Ur so Gay | Pink

Thanks for looking

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