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Here's the first round of pre order variants:


Box /5000  Green /2000  Red /666



Clear /700



US Black:



Bronze /1000 (No US orders)



Blue /500




Meliora (Latin for 'better') will be released on 21st August, via Spinefarm Records.

  1. Spirit
  2. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
  3. Cirice
  4. Spöksonat
  5. He Is
  6. Mummy Dust
  7. Majesty
  8. Devil Church
  9. Absolution
  10. Deus In Absentia




New track:

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Pretty sure I read in an interview that the new album draws a great deal of thematic influence from Metropolis, the late 20's german expressionist film. The artwork definitely seems to give off that vibe as well. Cult of Luna's last album was actually based upon the same film as well.


It is very similar, but typically they're almost identical.

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It's the same vocalist, they just get him a new costume for each record. The single "Cirice" has leaked and is good.




If you guys haven't checked out Subvision, you should. It's Tobias' (Papa Emeritus) band prior to Ghost. Both the EP and full length are a fun listen.

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