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Down - Nola and II reissues?

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So wondering what's going to happen with this. Soundstage/Bullmoose both have the pre-order up, but no shipping date. Amazon has always had the release date of 8/14 with no picture, but I pre-ordered it anyways. Recently they put up the picture for both Nola and II with the same release date of 8/14. Since that is today, I went to look to see if it was "available" and now it says temp out of stock. So did they get a certain amount to release today and that's legit already sold out, or is it a big goof on amazons part. Heres to hoping my pre-order ships...


Edit: My order says "not shipped yet" but delivery is 8/20 - 8/22 by 8pm. Fingers crossed.

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If it got delayed then amazon.com won't be necessarily hip to that information and if they are they likely wouldn't have the estimates adjusted to some new date. What you're seeing is more than likely a fully generic estimate based on the original release date that was quoted on the page. I'm pretty sure that stuff is all automated and there is no one at amazon rushing to adjust your delivery estimate based on a new delayed date if there is one. If there is a delay I bet it will show on amazon in the next few days to a week.

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Any word or are these dead?


They're very much alive.  Nuclear Blast EU has the PO for the s/t record and I saw Napalm Record send an e-mail w/ the PO for both.  I think they're definitely happening.  With that in mind, not sure what the US distro situation will be, but I assume you'll be able to get it off Amazon a month or 2 later at a reasonable price, if not elsewhere.

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There are still plenty of US pre-orders still available as well: Soundstage Direct, Bull Moose, Acoustic Sounds, and so on...


Only thing is, none of them have a hard release date, so no idea when it'll appear.

Nola and Down II have been removed from the schedule, so unfortunately we have no idea either. 


III and IV parts 1 and 2 were issued on cassette in October, for what it's worth.

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