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Still no Staind or Sevendust albums on vinyl?

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God, the amount of people that started their VC career off in the Hot Topic thread and are posting here like they have better music taste than the OP is hilarious. "I only like [shitty band]'s first album, I can't believe you want their other shitty records."


one time I had an interview at hot topic in 2000/2001?, it was a group interview and the manager asked each of us why we wanted to work there and i said "so I can get paid to hand out flyers".  I didnt get the job and that was the last time I was inside anything Hot Topic. 

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I'd chip my nail polish for you Rambo. Maybe. Depends how on fleek my nails are that day.

Your loyalty to the Barrio Collective runs deep holmes.

If anyone is interested in being jumped in we'll be having tryouts the second Friday of July at the community center (in the alley behind it). Please bring a bag lunch if you wish to eat.

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Seriously, if someone pressed those albums, half the people on this board would pay 25/30 bucks for em. Especially if they were Pirates Press wacky splatters/hazes and neato gatefolds.

Don't feel bad at all OP. There has been so much worse that people get boners over on here.

Once upon a time, long ago, in a far away land. This was a punk oriented board. No pretty much everyone is gone and a new batch of hipsters took it over.

Just look at the ads on the board you're posting on..

Oh shit guise! We're hipsters!

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