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Eric's Trip "Love Tara" - Sub Pop - Loser Edition

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For those in Toronto, Tiny Record Shop just posted on their Instagram that they have loser editions in stock, so it looks like some loser editions are making their way across the border.


ugh. i ordered directly from SubPop cuz i didn't wanna risk missing out.... i wonder what the loser pressing number is?

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I Thought I'd leave this here, because some of you will be interested.


Just found Elevator's - A Taste of Complete Perspective on Vinyl. It is available at Teenage USA - $20 Cdn ppd to North America.

At first I wasn't sure if the website was still current but I decided to take a chance.  Shortly after paying, I got a confirmation email.

Phil, who emailed me back, confirmed that he has a bunch left, yellow or black vinyl.

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7 hours ago, slipcraig said:

Bullmoose also has Love Tara on their Vinyl--Latest Updates page. I'm thinking all three might be seeing another release. 


Love tarantula is still available on sp and the bm release date listing us from the reissue date years ago. Probably just grouped it for people who have no idea this came out already

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