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Vinyl Collective Coop

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So I haven't been on here for a while (maybe a few years?), but yesterday while searching for an e-mail I came across one to VirgilDickerson after the Coop fiasco asking to choose between 2 records and 30$, or 60$ back. I asked for my money back and never got it. Sent 3 followup emails and never got an answer.


I know it's been a while (February 2011 to January 2012) but I was wondering if anybody ever got their money back. Is it worth it bugging him on Facebook? 


Also, sorry if this subject is taboo here, I probably missed a few threads on that in the last few years!

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Some dude saw him on TV an NBA game or something. They messaged him (on FB I think) asking how he had money for those tickets but couldn't send him his refund. Then he sent them a refund.

Awesome, thanks man! I just saw on his fb that's he's losing weight, which means he is probably drinking less beer, meaning he probably has more money! Will write to him right away!

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PS - I still think that the Coop was a fantastic idea, and loved the process of choosing the records. Managed by a honest person, it could definitely work!

It was a great idea and it's a shame that it was abused the way it was. Money that should have gone into the collective went into craft beer and tour buses.

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After that "seeing Virgil at a hockey game" thing I sent him an e-mail just saying I heard people were getting paid back and asked for a refund. Since I got the last 2 records I got $30 back, but in actuality I profited off this since I only cared for the AWS and Falcon record and sold the other two.



I also just realized I still have the Coop banner I made in my signature.

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UPDATE - Virgil has posted something new on FB, but didn't answer my message! This is getting exciting!


I want to believe that it's going to be awesome, that I'll find clue of what he does with his money instead of paying people back, that I'll discover new hidden fact about the coop, but deep inside of me I know it's probably the end... He'll never answer me and I'll never get my money back...

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what was the "Coop fiasco"?

Virgil asked 200 people to pay 60$ to press records. People would vote on the records to be pressed. Worked well at first we pressed 3 records I think, almost selling out of all of them (which meant that there would be plenty of money to press more records), but then his vinyl collective business started going south and he used the Coop money to help his business and to organize Craft Beer tour. 


I think that's about right,,,

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