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Vinyl Collective Coop

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I wish this had never happened because I'd be so down to do something like this again.

Technically someone could do it again. Although I imagine the buy in would have to be more than $60. Some crowdfunding platform would be involved. The word 'curate' would be thrown around a lot...

Actually, you're right, probably couldn't happen again.

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Actually, you're right, probably couldn't happen again.

I agree with this. I wasn't a part of these boards then, and I would probably contribute now, but I think it's a little impossible with all the weird #trndy #hpstr #vbz this HOBBY has started secreting. That is, there would be too much $ involved and too many little whiny babies not getting their <insert trendy hipster band here> as opposed to <other trendy hipster band>.

PS- LOVE, LOVE the new avatar.

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Joined in 2010 but I remember reading the threads about the Co-OP. There are probably five posters on the boards that I would put a significant amount of money in with to press a record.


Yeah, that's the way to go.  Way back I had teamed up with Brent from Broken Circles and Jeremy (Mr Showbread) on the boards here to press a Blindside album.  The band ended up turning us down, but it seems to me that model makes more sense.  Pick a specific release, find a small label that's interested, come up with the funds between a few users and then knock on some doors to get it licensed.


It's more doable than it seems.  I'd think most small labels would be willing to pay back the "investors" after covering costs.

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Spoiler - whiskey color was actually just brown.

I bought someone's place in the coop I think after the second release. I then contacted all the labels the Virgil was supposed to and that got the ball rolling for the this charming man release.

I got a refund right after he offered them up. It took a bunch of emails to get that accomplished.

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