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WTB/WTTF: La Dispute, Born Of Osiris, Tesseract + More

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I'm finally close to the end of my La Dispute collection! I just need a little help finding the following pieces. If you have any of these and are willing to sell, please hit me up! 


Here, Hear 
-Test Press /4
-Red Cover /100
-Blue Cover /100
-Tour Press /37


Somewhere at the Bottom...
- Test Press /20


- 1st Press Red/Black Sub /30
- 1st? Press Pink /100

Never Come Undone (Split w/Koji)
- 1st Press Black Sub /30


Searching for a Pulse/The Worth of the World (Split w/ Touché Amoré)
- Test Press /25

- Clear /200 (from TA 2010 boxset)

A Comp For Mom
-Test Press /20
-Red w/Clear Splatter /75 (Friend's Press)


-Here, Hear 

-Winter Tour CD

-Any promos


- I'd be into other merch too- the Wildlife slipmat, banners, or any LD sweatshirts (Size small or medium) would be great. Let me know what you want to get rid of! 


I'm also looking for a few other albums:

- August Burns Red- Thrill Seeker

- The Chariot- Music of a Grateful Heart 
- Chon- Woohoo!
- Devin Townsend- Ziltoid (Kind of a long shot.)
- Go Radio- Lucky Street (Another long shot, but I love this album!)
- Isles and Glaciers- The Hearts of Lonely People (Original)
- Tesseract- Altered State

Willing to Trade/Partial Trade:

- Touché Amoré/Casket Lottery Split 7" | Transparent Pink /500
- Anberlin- Lowborn | Black

-August Burns Red- Found in Far Away Places | Oxblood /300
- Daisyhead/Have Mercy Split | Red/Cream Haze
- Matty Mullins S/T

- Moving Mountains- Waves | Orange, Signed
- Rescuer- Anxiety Answering | NSR Subscription Coffee w/Creamer 31/125


I'm pretty attached to some things, but I may be willing to trade a few other albums in my collection- just shoot me a message!

Thanks so much for looking! 

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I've been curious on this for a while, is Here Hear pressed in different colors or are people mistaking Here, Hear I II & III for the same record?

I never see anyone looking for HH 2 & 3, but they always say the colors they want.


Nah, they're all white, but there's three different covers numbered /100, a tour cover /37 and a test press cover /4. I'm pretty sure they're all Here, Hear II. 



Also here's the link I found for a Vancouver record. http://www.banditmerch.com/ladispute.htm


I tried to buy one of these a while ago but they were out of stock. Thanks for the link though! :)

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