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PO: Archivist - S/T 2xLP (FFO: Cult of Luna, Rinoa, Hourvari, Envy)

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Archivist is a six-piece atmospheric/post-metal band out of Europe, whose self-titled album was released digitally at the beginning of June. Alerta Antifascista Records is currently taking pre-orders for the CD version, with a double LP upcoming, set for a November release. They are currently looking for a US distributor (will add more details as they are released).


From the label:

"Archivist is an atmospheric metal band, incorporating shoegaze, blast beats, and post-rock into a mass of turbulent percussion and soaring melodies set against a tale of ecological disaster and the last recorded thoughts of the sole survivor. It is a story of human hubris, the end of the world, and the willingness of a child to accept the weight of our legacy."


For the full concept of the album, as well as free streaming and free downloads, go here.


Track Listing:

1. Ascension

2. Escape Velocity

3. Dreaming Under

4. Leaving Day

5. Hades

6. Tying Up Loose Ends in the Cold Void of Space

7. Eureka

8. 4,500




Now up for pre-order at the Alerta Antifascista webstore.


Pressing Info:

Clear /120

Black /380

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