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         I just bought 6 boxes of records for $20. After looking through them and listening, I am hooked. I want to get into collecting, investing, and selling records. However, I have no idea what to look for. I go to yard sales/ auctions and I am lost. I want to buy records that will build value. I want to keep them for a while so I can hand them down to my kids when they get older. What suggestions do you have for me to be a successful collector?

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Wow, what a pretentious and unhelpful community. Thank you so much.... 


It has nothing to do with pretentiousness or being unhelpful.


Here's the problem. Records are meant to be listened to and enjoyed. It is definitely an elitist attitude and behavior when someone comes in, as you did, and looking at record collecting as an investment. If you're looking to buy records "that will build value", then you're doing this for all the wrong reasons.


Buying and listening to records is for the music and loving the bands you like, not for investing and building value down the road.

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Ok but seriously, real talk here - you're in this for the wrong reasons. The minute you throw around words like invest and build value, you're barking up the wrong tree. Nobody knows what will go up in value, because nobody knows the future; if we could predict that we would all be financial investment managers and very wealthy. You get into records because you like listening to them, you like the music and the sound they produce, you like holding your favorite albums in your hand and having a physical copy of something, and you almost have an obsession.


Don't get into records for an investment, get into them because you love them and expect to not get anything in return except a piece of happiness when you listen to them. Most of your collection will never appreciate in value, give up on that notion. 

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Ok let's get real here for a sec.

You just started getting into vinyl and look for something to put on your crosley? You want your records to grow in value and don't have a lot of time to scroll through dollar bins? Here is your solution:


Total collectables for the cheapest you'll find them anywhere, comfortably delivered to your front porch! Pay a basic fee every month and drown in money and fame in no time!!

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