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(Though I would suggest making this an "Other Media" section instead.)



I agree, this is called "Vinyl Collective" for a reason, when will the whole message board name be changed to "Music Media Collective?"

And this is coming from a person who buys cassettes. 


I think this is kind of dumb. 

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I think this is kind of dumb.

This wasn't a fly-by-night decision, we've thought about doing this for a loooong time. The general board will always be dedicated to vinyl first and foremost, but you can't deny the interest and discussion of cassettes specifically has greatly increased here more so than other formats. This sub-board exists solely for the users who are interested in the format or want to dabble in it, whereas before all topics were confined to one thread or seemed out of place. Everything will operate the same way it always has. Pinky-promise.

tl;dr - sometimes you go to a steak house and order a burger or chicken.

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Very excited to see this happening. Kudos to the team and especially Shitty Rambo.



 I think this is kind of dumb. 


I think for the very reason that it will unclog some of the other boards and move those PO's, bits of news and label discussions to a centralized area, it will benefit the vinyl-only collectors as well. I don't see how this can be a bad thing other than conflicting with the name of the site. Some might say that's the most important thing, keeping it vinyl, but honestly the tape discussions have been happening regardless. They just moved 'em.

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This just in:


Shadowbox frames sales @ Michael's skyrocket after the start of Cassette Collective. Formerly vinyl nerds/collectors jump ship for the cassette bubble and "frame" their favorite tapes as none really have any tape decks to play them on. 


Cue Jason Tate jumping on this bandwagon. 

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  • 2 years later...
19 hours ago, danyc said:

Over two years since anything was added to this thread, but I'm wanting to know if it's permissible to post FS/FT trade things here (cassette only) that you've already posted in the regular FS/FT section? Not wanting to cause a problem before doing so! Thanks for the feedback. 

If you already have one FS/FT in the designated sale section, IDK why you'd want to post another in here?

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