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Why not, I'll post again since the new board/thread was created. 






The Music - The Music - Thailand (Sealed) <- REALLY excited about this one! 


Blindside - Blindside - US (available for $5 shipped from a dude off of eBay)


Finch - Brother Bleed Brother - Indonesian Bootleg - Has some rare tracks on it


Relient K - Five Score and Seven Years Ago - Indonesia


Alien Ant Farm - ANThology - Poland

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Thefavoriteplay, are you paying out the nose for those indonesian etc. tapes, or is there some cheap seller I don't know about?

With the Thailand "The Music" that was only $15 with free shipping plus I had a $10 ebay gift card, so that was great. The Finch boot I bought off of Discogs for like $16 w/$8 shipping so it was a decent price. With Relient K, that one was expensive, due to the seller never seeing it before and me wanting it. The Relient K was from eBay and was $43 total. I wish I could have paid less for Relient K but I am happy with it.

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I grabbed one of the Pet Symmetry tapes on pink earlier. My first cassette in a long time.

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