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Nadja / Aidan Baker / related - catch all thread

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All 3 Nadja/Vampillia collaborations are going to be released on cassette in a box set - $35 + $9 shipping limited to 100. AB said a few would be on their site but recommended ordering from badmoonrising at Bandcamp 

On mobile today - hope this link works. Imperfection and Perfect World are always in rotation. 
Nadja/Vampillia Trilogy Box set


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19 hours ago, radiatorhums said:

The Vampillia collabs are some of my favorite Nadja related releases, couldn't resist the tape set.  Thanks for the post Don!  100% would've missed this.  I'd also somehow missed Artificial Act of God, so that's a double plus for me!

Hope you're doing well, Jon and have great holiday season!

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19 hours ago, radiatorhums said:

While we're on the topic of Nadja tapes, there's a live tape with Thaumogenesis b/w The Bungled and the Botched.  Each cover is hand painted.



Ooh, completely missed that. 2 awesome tracks, another no brainer for the growing tape collection!

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New Nadja CD/CS coming out in a few months




Four extended tracks of atmospheric doom sludge, each with a different guest vocalist: Alan Dubin (Gnaw, Khanate), Rachel Davies (Esben & The Witch), Lane Shi Otayonii (Elizabeth Colour Wheel), & Dylan Walker (Full of Hell).

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On 7/28/2022 at 9:39 AM, Mars said:

I'm especially excited for the Rachel Davies track - if you peeps haven't listened to Esben and the Witch. . . do yourself a favour! 😍 

If money and space were no object, I would have their whole discography.  I don't think they needed Albini to do A New Nature. Mucho excite for this track with Nadja!

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