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PO: GREAT LAKES USA - STUMBLING DISTANCE 12" (Coffeebreath&Heartache)

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We're really happy to announce that we handle the vinyl edition of GREAT LAKES USA's new "Stumbling Distance" EP.


Great Lakes USA - Stumbling Distance
- 6 fast, melodic and catchy rippers from Boston, MA punks
- one-sided 12"
- 2 editions available, limited to less than 300 copies in total
- handscreened sleeves  with punched out skyline on the back, thick inlays
- all records are handnumbered on the B-side (in different ways)
- comes with digital download
- first release with Mike Przygoda (No Trigger) on the  lead guitar

- for fans of Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones


Pressing Info

100x grey cover w/ silver screenprint; blue, white & black mixed vinyl!
192x black w/ gold screenprint; gold & black mixed vinyl!
10x testpress

1. The Best Band At O'Brien's (01:28)
2. Crows (02:34)
3. Aim So Low (02:27)
4. Down (II) (01:43)
5. Paralyzed (02:58)
6. Shaking Hands (02:54)


The whole record is streaming here: https://greatlakes.bandcamp.com/album/stumbling-distance


Preorders are going online in 45minutes at: http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/

(cheap international shipping available)






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