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Have an appreciation for unique packaging? Check our new LP out!

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My band, Spirits ( http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com ) released our debut LP back in May and I've been meaning to post a collection of pics showing off the packaging we designed to go with the record.  If you've got a second to scroll please give it a look as we're pretty happy with how everything turned out!




This is how the LP looks when you first see it/pick it up. In the poly bag its actually kind of difficult to tell that it has a vertical wrap and just looks like a standard white cover with the pencil drawing and the bands name on it.




As you slide the vertical wrap off of the LP it reveals the record's title: Discontent. Also the next layer below the skin from our sad looking gal on the front cover.




Next you pull the LP jacket apart diagonally to reveal below the muscle layer... the skull. It is a printed dust-sleeve that houses the actual LP. We really wanted to make something with multiple layers in the artwork and are super happy with how this turned out.  I don't know if I've ever seen packaging with this cut in it. We printed the jackets through Imprint and they were super cool with helping us figure out how to make this cut and with adding the extra tab on the traditional jacket so that all 4 sides of it would be sealed until the cut was made.




When you flip over the dust jacket it reveals a wall of lyrics and the credits for the album.




This is the back of the LP jacket that pulls apart diagonally. Song titles that are not visible when the wrap is fully on the LP.




The two main variants of vinyl are clear with black smoke and clear with red smoke. They turned out really cool and each one is pretty unique. The red LP in the top corner of this picture is the only copy that ended up being a pretty solid clear red throughout so naturally I had to hold onto it.




This gives a pretty good representation of the variation of the clear vinyl with color smoke added in. Bonus fact... the center labels are 3 dimensional if you look at them with 3D glasses. If you'd like to pick up a copy we have them in our limited run store here: http://www.spiritsxxx.limitedrun.com


and you can also download the record for free here: http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com


http://www.spiritshc.com if you'd like to keep up to date with anything we have going on! And last but not least, you can follow us on social media as "spiritsxboston" on instagram, tumblr, twitter, and such! Thanks for checking out the end result of our collective work as a band since the beginning of the year!

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My band, Spirits ( http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com ) released our debut LP back in May and I've been meaning to post a collection of pics showing off the packaging we designed to go with the record

Sadly yeah... Shipped our first package to Canada last week and I had it listed as $10 but it ended up costing $13.45.  Factor in paypal taking their chunk, the mailer, tape, etc and $15 covers everyt

I grabbed up the black smoke to be the iconoclast of the thread.   Also, pretty damn good deal for such a package.

I believe that the split 7" is 33rpm based on it being about 7 minutes worth of music on our side.  That ain't happening with a 45rpm 7".  The S/T, however, is about 4.5mins or less per side so could be 45rpm.  I don't know off hand and don't have my turntable set up to check right now :mellow:


Cool man - def let me know about the S/T, it's for a jukebox.


Good stuff! 

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