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Human Sounds Records Thread - Inner Wave/Bane's World

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Hi everyone I run Human Sounds Records, a tape label that puts out indie rock and psych cassettes! Here is a link to the Human Sounds Records bandcamp if you wanna check it out!




My newest release is


HSR-35 & 36

Inner Wave - Underwater: B-Sides

Inner Wave & Bane's World - Whoa / Fine




Also here is a pic of my first 12 releases





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New Release! HSR-18 Montreal's SWEAT S/T EP! Check this out if you are a Mac DeMarco/TOPS fan!







Keep Tight (Male Vocalist) - https://soundcloud.com/human-sounds-records/sweat-keep-tight-1


Number One (Female Vocalist) - https://soundcloud.com/human-sounds-records/number-one

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Haven't update in a wile but we have 3 new releases that are going fast!


First is from Real Estate's new guitarist Julian Lynch:


One is from Australia's VACATIONS only a few tapes left:


Third is from Bane's World from Long Beach:


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It's been a super long time since I updated this, but thought I might as well do it now! I have released a ton of new tapes in the past year! you can check them out on the Bandcamp page. The latest 4 come from California band Inner Wave!





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